4 “steps” to achieve the best possible exterior painting results

There are four important steps necessary to achieve the best possible exterior house painting results:

• Good surface preparation

• Top quality paint

• High quality brushes and tools

• Good weather conditions

This week we’re going to hit all four, but for today we’re going to start with: Preparing the Surface

The biggest mistake most consumers make is not preparing the surface properly. This will ultimately cause paint failure. Good surface preparation requires that the surface be clean, sound and free of all foreign material. Power washing is the most effective way of cleaning exterior surfaces of dirt and chalk. Another method is the use of soap and water with a scrub brush. Mildew can be removed by wiping down the surface with diluted bleach solution. After any of these procedures are done, the surface should be rinsed clean.

Loose, flaking or peeling paint should be removed by scraping, sanding or wire brushing. Glossy spots to be painted should be sanded to provide a better surface for new paint. If there are areas where the base wood shows through, they must be spot-primed. Areas of weathered, unpainted wood should be thoroughly sanded prior to priming. Finally, dust or particles left from scraping and sanding must be brushed off before painting.

By carefully following these four critical factors in exterior painting, you can get great results when painting your home. For further information or to contact us, visit Hobbs Painting  online at Salem Oregon House Painter or call us at ‪503) 362-2204‬. For additional information and “specials” just for our fans, be sure to visit our Hobbs Painting and Concrete Facebook fan page.

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